Best Budget 27″ Monitor Full HD


Sometime ago I was searching a second monitor to connect to my Macbook Pro. After a quick research I found this HP 27es. The first thing I noticed was the design, minimal and sleek. In addition I have had a good experience with the HP’s products.

There are 3 different sizes available: 21.5″, 23.8″ and 27″. I went for a 27″.

I used to have smaller screen for my workspace, but I felt comfortable immediately with it. I attached it via HDMI to my Macbook and here we go!


Actually the first thing I’ve noticed about this model was the design, it has minimal style but it is modern and glossy as well.

The monitor is very thin and compact, it doesn’t take too much space on your desk. Indeed it fits very well at the center of mine.

Also the stand is a fine workmanship, it holds perfectly the screen and it didn’t give me signs of instability.

Display and Performance

Besides the design, this monitor has fulfilled the expectations also for the performance.

Color rendering is excellent. Already with the defaults setting you can enjoy them, but of course you can adjust as you want. They appear really vivid and realistic (Technicolor certified)

The resolution is a classic 1920×1080 Full HD, but the overall quality of the screen is stunning. It offers a great brightness and images appear sharp and very detailed.

I use it on various situations, for work, watching videos, graphic softwares, and it was adapted well at any condition.

Anyway I recognize that for some cases it is not the best monitor available, if you need 4K or a highly fast response time, especially for intensive gamer, maybe other monitors could be more indicated.


Hp has decided to keep just the essentials, the monitor has 2 HDMI ports and a VGA. For what I need is enough.

Little note, the monitor has no speakers, in my case this wasn’t a big deal because I use the speakers of my Macbook.


Personally I love it, it was exactly what I’ve needed, a minimal monitor with the essential connectivity, but with a real good video quality. And this monitor didn’t dissapoint me at all.

If you have particular needs perhaps it isn’t the monitor right for you, but if you’re looking for an excellent monitor with a good price/value and that fits well in most of the cases, HP 27es is a good solution



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Best Budget 27" Monitor

Actually the first thing I’ve noticed about this model was the design, it has minimal style but it is modern and glossy as well.

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